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  1. Key description
    DC Logistic Excellence

    Warehouse approx. 32.388 gross floor area sqm
    Clear height warehouse 12.20 m (max. storage height)
    Office / Social rooms approx. 1.284 gross floor area sqm
    Mezzanine approx. 2.766 gross floor area sqm
    Technical rooms

    approx. 252 gross floor area sqm

    Loadingdocks 33
    Overheads doors 6

    Fire compartments



    Truck/Trailer parking 21
    Car parking space 260

  1. Benefits

    • DC LET can be uniquely tailored to the customer’s needs and can accommodate a wide variety of requests for space. Ideal flexible lay-out for VAL and internal and external expansion possibilities for office space.
    • The frontline position of DC LET gives maximum exposure to your company.
    • Site lay-out taking safety into account with the separation of freight and passenger traffic.
    • Excellent access Tilburg: logistics hot spot due to its strategic location close to the north-south and the east-west corridor. The site has excellent connectivity to the N 260 and motorways A 58 to the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp, Venlo and the total Ruhr metropolitan.
    • Tri-modal transport infrastructure.
    • Great flexible workforce availability and close to residential area Reeshof (50.000 inhabitants).
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  1. Location DC
    Logistic Excellence Tilburg

    The industrial zone Vossenberg is situated on the Wilhelmina Canal and has its own barge terminal creating a direct connection to the Port of Rotterdam. On average the canal is 2.30 meters deep and 25 to 30 meters wide. This makes Tilburg easily accessible by ships of 650 tonne (II Class). However, the government started construction in 2013 to widen the canal, making the city accessible for ships as large as 1350 tonne (IV class).


    The site can be easily accessed from all directions and is complemented by an excellent road system including the peripheral road A260; the A27 motorway, which connects the north and south, and the A58 motorway, a major arterial route connecting the Port of Rotterdam and the Belgian Port of Antwerp with the Ruhr metropolitan in Germany.

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